• Aquatic Physical Therapy

  • Colorado Sports and Spine Centers offers aquatic physical therapy and exercise programs designed to promote range of motion, strength and enhance cardiovascular endurance.

    Aquatic physical therapy or pool therapy at Colorado Sports & Spine Centers provides innovative and effective rehabilitation and exercise while utilizing the unique therapeutic properties of a water environment. Water physical therapy supports and acts as a cushion for your weight-bearing joints and helps prevent the strain, injury or re-injury common to other weight-bearing exercise programs.

    Our highly skilled therapy staff guides the individual's advancement according to their needs and goals in a comfortable and inviting setting with the care and understanding they deserve. Water exercise is very versatile and has effectively assisted our patients to achieve their functional goals.


    The benefits of aquatic programs include:

    • Faster Healing: Early joint movement is possible in water even when limited movement is present on land. Early joint movement helps prevent stiffness, edema, and muscle atrophy.
    • Decreased Pain and Swelling: Hydrostatic pressure of water decreases pain and swelling, and increases deep tissue blood circulation.
    • Increased Range of Motion: Water reduces the supportive role of muscles so they can relax and stretch more effectively.
    • Improved Strength: Water provides resistance to every movement.
    • Reduced Gravitational Pull: The water buoyancy supports the body and reduces pressure on compressed joints.
    • A Sense of Well-Being: Injuries often cause distress that can be relieved by entering the water and doing any possible activity.

    Comprehensive Pool Therapy may be used to treat the following conditions:

    • Athletic Injury
    • Joint Replacement
    • Back Rehabilitation
    • Pre/Post Operative Rehabilitation
    • Work Injury
    • Neurological Impairment (M.S. and Parkinson's)
    • Arthritis
    • Lymphedema
    • Chronic Pain
    • Fibromyalgia

    Independent Aquatic Wellness Program

    Community members can exercise and swim independently. This is also available to physical therapy patients as a continuation of their rehabilitation program.

    Aquatic Exercise Classes

    • Instructor led
    • Offered 2-3 times per week
    • One hour in length
    • Combination of range of motion, strengthening, and cardiovascular exercise
    • Open to the community

    Prenatal Aquatic Classes

    • Exercise class specific for expectant mothers

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